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Fernanda Pompermayer (Brasil, 1993) graduated in graphic design and is a self-taught artist, whose practice moves between ceramics, sculpture, photography, video and painting. Having collage as a driving force of her process from the beginning, Pompermayer creates exuberant ceramics that relate color, maximalism and gestural expression. Through an imaginative approach that embraces spontaneity, the artist has been able to combine her interdisciplinary practices and reflect her artistic path in her ceramic pieces. 


Pompermayer has been invited to two residencies in Europe, the first in the Mark Rothko museum in Latvia and the second in Silos, Portugal. Her latest audiovisual project, “The Three Building Blocks' ' was released by the platform Nowness, won the Berlin Commercial Festival and was exhibited in the VAEF in NY.


Her latest work flirts with sculptures, while keeping a balance between vases and lamps. Departing from this approach, Pompermayer both sells her work in design shops  as well has exhibited her work in a collective show in the Verso Gallery. By navigating these different approaches in the use of ceramics, the artist is able to bring the viewer inside her universe.

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